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Suit Up For Success

Look the part and land the job.


It’s time to fit in and make it look like you belong in this business world. This includes a conservative interview suit in a neutral color, appropriate shoes and accessories that support you and your mission – landing the job.

Tip 1.  Men in Black?


For conservative jobs in finance or consulting, a navy or dark gray suit in 100 percent wool is the norm. For creative jobs, brown or beige is another hue that will do. Sport a crisp white button down and an attractive tie. (Unless you’re interviewing for Miami Vice, do not wear a white suit or any other strange color better suited for a situation that includes a disco ball.)


Tip 2.  Lady in Red?


Lucky lady – you get more leeway in suit colors. But we do highly recommend a skirt suit over pants suit – equality hasn’t quite made it to the interview arena. Keep your look fairly conservative with a solid, pinstripe or muted plaid suit. Your blouse should be ruffle-less, with long sleeves that peek out about a half-inch beyond your jacket sleeve.

Tip 3.  Makeup Breakup


Attention females! Go for a clean look that includes a basic foundation, slightly blushed cheeks, light mascara and not-so-shocking lip color.


Tip 4.  Shoe Do’s


The rules of shoes apply to men and women job seekers—conservative, closed-toe shoes shiny enough to reflect your smile. For women, 1½ inch heels in black, brown or navy leather are in order with neutral hose. For men, go with brown or black spit-shined kickers and socks to match.


Tip 5.  The Family Jewels


For women, jewelry should be subtle, small and metal. For men, jewelry should be limited to a watch and/or ring band. Your jewels should not jingle when you move. You don’t want to hypnotize the interviewer!


Tip 6.  Besides the Clothes


Men should be clean-shaven, even for a late day interview. Fingernails should be trimmed, cleaned, and, for women, painted in a neutral tone. Men should have a fresh haircut, and women should opt for natural hairstyles.


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Written by award-winning authors Tara Maras & Donna Kozik, Get A Job! Put Your Degree To Work is a job manual for recent or soon-to-be college graduates. It educates students about the realities of today’s job market, revealing everything from the secrets of interview success to the art of the perfect handshake. Advice from the book has been featured in 130 newspapers including the L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun.

Donna Kozik & Tara Maras are also the authors of,a complete household moving manual.


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