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Web Developers are in HIGH Demand…

According to Wanted Analytics: “Recruiters know that Computer Programming and IT jobs are among some of the most difficult jobs to recruit for. The volume of new online job ads continues to grow, creating talent shortages for many occupations in this field. Web Developers are likely to be the most difficult IT job to recruit for, due to the talent supply and hiring demand. During August, Recruiters advertised more than 36,000 jobs, representing a 20% year-over-year increase. There are currently more than 7,900 employers with job ads for Web Developers and many companies are recruiting for several openings.


Not only is demand high, but when coupled with a relatively small talent pool, recruiting conditions will be difficult on average. According to our Hiring Scale™, there is less than 1 potential candidate in the workforce per advertised opening. This means that there are not enough Web Developers to fill the job openings being advertised. Competition will be fierce among employers and it is likely that Recruiters will spend more time and expenses to fill these jobs.”


Hiring Scale for Web DevelopersSource: WANTED Analytics

One way of sourcing candidates in this tough environment is to look for alternative commonly advertised job titles. For example, the 15 most common job titles for Web Developers are below. By sourcing candidates with these titles, Recruiters may IT Specialists with skills that are transferrable to open Web Developing jobs.


  1. Java Developer
  2. Web Developer
  3. .Net Developer
  4. Sharepoint Developer
  5. J2ee Developer
  6. Web Designer
  7. PHP Developer
  8. C .Net Developer
  9. ASP .Net Developer
  10. Web Application Developer
  11. Front End Developer
  12. Flash Deverloper
  13. ColdFusion Developer
  14. VB .Net Developer
  15. Ruby Rails Developer
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