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Good News for the Economy? Construction Workers See Increased Demand

According to Wanted Analytics, perhaps there is some good news for the economy in new Construction jobs related data:


“After struggling through the recession, construction workers are finally seeing an improving job market. In Friday’sEconomic Situation Summary by the BLS, construction was seen as one of the bright spots. Over the past 30 days, more than 9,600 jobs for construction workers were posted online, representing a 29% year-over-year increase.


Hiring Demand for Construction Workers – 4 Years

Hiring Demand for Construction WorkersSource: WANTED Analytics


The most demanded occupations within construction were Construction Managers, Electricians, Carpenters, Equipment Operators, Plumbers, Sheet Metal Workers, Inspectors, and Roofers. Of these jobs, Building and Construction Inspectors were the only to see a year-over-year decline. Job ads for this occupation were down 11% from the same 30-day period in 2010. Equipment Operators saw the greatest increase in demand, with more than 580 online job ads at a 129% increase. Other fields with notable increases were Plumbers (up 44%), Electricians (up 32%) and Roofers (up 72%).


The average salary for these positions varies and is broken out below.  These are average salary ranges across the United States, and the ranges may vary based upon city.


Occupation Average Salary Range
Construction Managers $45,000 – $60,300
Electricians $40,700 – $47,850
Carpenters $29,100 – $37,450
Equipment Operators $31,200 – $39,250
Plumbers $38,450 – $45,750
Sheet Metal Workers $31,200 – $40,000
Inspectors $43,250 – $54,300
Roofers $27,050 – $35,350


Over the past 30 days, the highest hiring demand was seen in New York, Houston, and Washington, DC. Despite high volumes of job ads for construction workers, the supply of talent in these 3 areas and across the country remains high. Our Hiring Scale™ shows that there are approximately 50 potential candidates in the US workforce for every construction job that has been advertised online. In these 3 mentioned locations, talent pools are larger, meaning that Recruiters are likely to experience easier than average conditions when sourcing candidates.

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