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Health Care Jobs: Occupational Therapists in High Demand/Salary Data


According to Wanted Technologies: “Hiring demand for Occupational Therapists has steadily increased across the US, while the available talent pool remains relatively constant. There are about 1.6 potential candidates across the US for every advertised job, meaning that there are barely enough Occupational Therapists to fill all the job openings. With the US facing challenging recruiting conditions, Recruiters in some are already seeing talent shortages, like Lakeland (FL), Muncie (IN), Fort Smith (AR) and Champaign-Urbana (IL). In Lakeland, for example, there are 3 times as many job ads currently online as there are candidates in the local workforce and Recruiters will face heavy competition to find candidates and fill positions.


Hiring Scale for Occupational Therapists in Lakeland, FL


Hiring Scale for Occupational Therapists in Lakeland, FL

Source: WANTED Analytics


One way Recruiters can find hidden talent pools is to source talent from other locations with easier conditions – where the talent pools are larger in comparison to hiring demand. The locations with easiest recruiting conditions in the US for Occupational Therapists include:


  1. Jackson, MS
  2. Kingston, NY
  3. Madison, WI
  4. Buffalo, NY
  5. Minneapolis, MN

However, if Recruiters are able to fill an opening with a candidate from one of these locations, they may need to discuss relocation and salary ranges, which vary by location. For example, if the position is in Lakeland and the potential candidate is from Jackson, MS, candidate expectations might be different from the employer or Hiring Manager. By looking at the below salary ranges, you can see that the average salary for Occupational Therapists in Lakeland is higher than any of the other locations and the national average.


Location Average Salary Range
Nationally $74,880 – $83,200
Lakeland,  FL $79,040 – $93,600
Jackson, MS $77,359 – $89,250
Kingston, NY $64,819 – $71,642
Madison, WI $62,605 – $73,065
Buffalo, NY $65,000 – $74,880
Minneapolis, MN $60,320 – $74,755


Also, don’t forget to use other common job titles (and skill or certification abbreviations) in your candidate searches. Since many people use these in their job titles, not only will you get a more accurate picture of current recruiting conditions, but you may also find hidden pools of candidates that meet your job requirements. Here are some for Occupational Therapists:


  1. Occupational Therapist SNF Setting
  2. Outpatient Occupational Therapist
  3. OTR Acute Care
  4. Certified Hand Therapist
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