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Preparing to graduate? Check out this data..

According to Wanted Analytics: “The College Board announced the top careers for Graduate, Bachelor’s and Associate’s Degrees. In this blog post, we looked at online job ads for the below top 10 occupations with Bachelor’s Degrees over the past 30 days to see what hiring demand looks like now. The numbers below represent projected volumes of job openings from the College Board and BLS.


Projections for Occupations with the Most Job Openings – Bachelor’s Degree



college board - bachelors degree
Source: College Board


Hiring was relatively flat over the past 30 days versus the same 30-day period in 2010, seeing about a 0.2% combined year-over-year increase. Despite being some of the most in-demand careers in the US this year, Computer Software Engineers – both Applications and Systems Software – have seen the greatest decline in hiring demand. Another surprise, although a positive one, was an increase in demand for Construction Managers. The construction industry has struggled to come out of the recession and, with a 4% increase, this may be a sign that things are beginning to turn. The highest demand was seen for Computer Systems Analysts, with more than 30,000 new online job ads. However, the greatest year-over-year increase has been for Auditors at more than a 12% growth.


Hiring Demand for the Bachelor’s Degree Occupations – Past 30 Days

Hiring demand by ad volumeSource: WANTED Analytics


We also looked at the average salary ranges for each of these occupations. These will vary by location, but national averages for each are below. The highest range of these 10 occupations is for Computer Software Engineers (Systems Software), while the lowest is for Secondary School Teachers.

Occupation Average Salary Range
Elementary school teachers, except special education $35,000 – $47,100
Accountants and auditors $60,000 – $75,000
Secondary school teachers, except special and vocational education $35,000 – $45,750
Middle school teachers, except special and vocational education $37,450 – $49,150
Computer systems analysts $83,200 – $100,000
Computer software engineers, applications $91,800 – $106,000
Network systems and data communications analysts $80,000 – $99,850
Computer software engineers, systems software $92,600 – $110,000
Construction managers $80,000 – $95,000
Market research analysts $52,000 – $70,000


According to our Hiring Scale™, Computer (Applications) Software Engineers and Market Research Analysts are likely to be the hardest-to-fill of these 10 occupations. The nationwide talent pool consists of about 5 potential candidates in the workforce for every advertised Applications Software Engineers opening, and about 7 potential candidates for each Market Research Analyst opening. In comparison, the talent pools for Elementary and Middle School Teachers are the largest of these 10 occupations and are likely to be easier to recruit candidates and fill.

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