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Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto-Engineers with Robotics Experience in High Demand

Wanted Analytics supplies us with the following data:


“Engineers of all kinds have been highly in-demand this year – and hiring for those with robotics skills are growing to new levels. Over the past 90 days, more than 1,400 job ads were posted for Engineers that included robotics skills or previous experience as a requirement. This represents a 47% year-over-year growth when compared to the same 90-day period in 2010. 605 companies advertised for these jobs, with Boeing, Engineering Services Group, CNH, First Solar, and Raytheon placing the most job ads in the US.


Volume of Job Ads for Engineers with Robotics Experience – 4 Years

Volume of job ads for Engineers with Robotics skillsSource: WANTED Analytics



Below, we look at the 10 types of Engineers that were most frequently required to have robotics experience in the job ads. All 10 of these occupations saw year-over-year growth in demand. Industrial Engineers had the most job ads that included requirements for robotics skills – up 50% from the same time period in 2010. However, the largest growth was seen for Mechatronics Engineers, up 307% versus the same 90-day time period in 2010.



Occupation Number of Job Ads
over Past 90 Days
% Change vs. 2010
Industrial Engineers 579 +50.8%
Mechanical Engineers 266 +35.0%
Electrical Engineers 219 +36.9%
Electronics Engineers (except Computer) 56 +64.7%
Mechatronics Engineers 53 +307.7%
Robotics Technicians 47 +51.6%
Electronics Engineering Technicians 41 +28.1%
Electro-Mechanical Technicians 34 +41.7%
Industrial Engineering Technicians 34 +47.8%
Materials Engineers 32 +433.3%


The 5 cities with the most mentions of robotics skills in Engineering job ads during this time period were Detroit (Michigan), Boston (Massachusetts), Chicago (Illinois), Los Angeles (California), and San Jose (California). Of these 5 high-demanding locations, Detroit currently has the smallest talent pool, with about 12 potential candidates in the workforce for every open position. According to our Hiring Scale™, Recruiters in Detroit are likely to experience more challenging conditions as they source qualified candidates for openings. In comparison, San Jose currently has the largest talent pool of these 5 cities. Here, there are about 34 potential candidates for every online job ad, and recruiters are likely to see a shorter time-to-fill than many of their counterparts nationwide.

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