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Industrial Engineers: Tough to Find? A Trend Continues for Engineering Specialties..

Wanted Analytics provides us with the following: ” Engineers – particularly Industrial Engineers – have been in high demand this year. However as the end of the calendar year approaches, hiring demand for most occupations decreases. Industrial Engineers have seen this slowing since the summer. In October, Recruiters placed a total of 15,900 new online job ads for Industrial Engineers in the US. This represents a decline of 23% since the 4-year high in May (when more than 20,000 jobs were advertised) and a year-over-year decline of 1.4%. In this blog we looked at where Industrial Engineering jobs are growing.


Hiring Demand for Industrial Engineers – 4 Years


Hiring Demand for Engineers - 4 YearsSource: WANTED Analytics


While many cities in the US are experiencing a decline in the volume of job listings for Industrial Engineers, some locations actually increased hiring over the past year. In fact, demand in Houston is up 70% and Seattle has seen a 109% increase in hiring over the past year. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, and Chicago also saw double-digit gains in the past year. In comparison, Philadelphia and Atlanta have seen hiring demand decline fall more than 15% versus October 2010. According to WANTED Analytics™, there were more than 4,400 companies that advertised for Industrial Engineers in October. The employers that posted the most job ads during October were GE Energy, Boeing, Genzyme, Honeywell, Goodrich, Baxter International, and Siemens.


Some of the most commonly advertised job titles for Industrial Engineers are below. Does it surprise you that “Industrial Engineer” is the 4th most common?


  1. Quality Engineer
  2. Process Engineer
  3. Project Engineer
  4. Industrial Engineer
  5. Test Engineer
  6. Design Engineer
  7. Reliability Engineer
  8. Supplier Quality Engineer
  9. Packaging Engineer
  10. Plant Engineer
  11. Production Engineer
  12. Controls Engineer
  13. Validation Engineer
  14. Black Belt
  15. Automation Engineer

Despite seeing a declining volume of job ads for this occupation, our Hiring Scale™ shows that Industrial Engineer openings will remain hard-to-fill. There are about 2.7 potential candidates in the US for every job advertised online, meaning that Recruiters are close to facing  talent shortage and are likely to spend longer periods of time sourcing candidates and, on average, these job openings are advertised online for 46 days. However, some of the locations that have seen high year-over-year growth in ad volume will see more difficult conditions, due to high demand and limited talent supply. For example, the talent pool in Houston consists of just 1 potential candidate per job opening and Recruiters here are likely to see a longer time-to-fill and cost-per-hire for open job reqs.

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