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Best Careers for 2011-Technology Edition

Wanted Analytics brings us the following data on the technology sector in 2011: “Over the past 2 weeks we looked at the careers on the “Best Careers of 2011” list, published by US News. Today, we’ll review the final group, which are the technology related jobs.


Occupation Median Pay % Projected Growth (2008-18)
Biomedical engineer $78,860 72%
Civil engineer $76,590 24%
Computer software engineer $87,480 32%
Computer support specialist $44,300 14%
Computer systems analyst $77,000 20%
Environmental engineering technician $42,350 30%
Environmental science technician $40,790 29%
Hydrologist $73,670 18%
Meteorologist $84,710 15%
Network architect $73,250 53%


Professionals with various technology skills have been in high demand this year. Recruiters posted more than 1.1 million jobs ads for the above 10 careers between January and November of 2011. This represents a year-over-year increase of about 18%. Over the most recent 90 days, there have been 250,000 new online job ads posted for these occupations, up 7.6% compared to the same 90-day period in 2010.


Hiring Demand for Best Projected Technology Jobs


Hiring Demand for Best Projected Technology CareersSource: WANTED Analytics


In the past 90 days, the most job ads were posted for Computer Systems Analysts. Recruiters posted more than 100,000 online at a 14% increase from 2010. Software Engineers were close behind with more than 77,000 job ads. Applications Software Engineers accounted for more than 65,000 of the job ads posted online, while Systems Software Engineers accounted for the remaining 12,000. Civil Engineers, Environmental Scientists and Engineering Technicians, Biomedical Engineers, Hydrologists, and Meteorologists saw declining hiring demand over the past 90 days.


Occupation Volume of Job Ads – 90 Days % Change vs. 2010
Computer Systems Analysts 100,763 +14.7%
Computer Software Engineers 77,512 +4.0%
Computer Support Specialists 54,206 +4.7%
Network Architects
(Network Systems and Data Communication Analysts)
12,112 +4.2%
Civil Engineers 6,594 -8.5%
Environmental Scientists 1,070 -6.3%
Environmental Engineering Technicians 454 -9.9%
Biomedical Engineers 388 -17.3%
Hydrologists 62 -53.7%
Meteorologists 60 -24.1%


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