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Best Creative and Service Careers of 2011-The Results Are In….

Wanted Analytics brings us the following data: “Earlier this week, we looked at the Business and Finance careers on the US News “Best Careers of 2011” to see what hiring demand looks like. Today, we’ll continue with the Creative and Service jobs.


Occupation Median Pay % Projected Growth (2008-18)
Commercial pilot $65,840 19
Curator $48,000 23
Film and video editor $50,790 11
Gaming manager $67,380 12
Heating/air conditioning/refrigeration technician $41,000 28
Interpreter/Translator $40,860 22
Multimedia artist $58,250 14
Technical writer $62,700 18


Combined, employers and staffing agencies posted about 39,000 new online job ads for these 8 occupations between the beginning of January and the end of November – a 9.6% increase over the comparable 11-month period in 2010.  In the past 90 days alone, there have been 8,600 jobs, relatively flat versus 2010.


Hiring Demand for the Projected Best Creative and Service Careers of 2011

Hiring Demand for Best Creative and Service Careers of 2011Source: WANTED Analytics


Despite flat hiring in the past 90 days compared to last year, several occupations have increased. Commercial Pilots, Film and Video Editors, and Curators have grown. Commercial Pilots have seen the highest increase over the past 90 days, more than 120% compared to the same 90 day period in 2010. Technical Writers, although seeing the most job ads with more than 5,000 in the past 90 days, declined. Interpreters and Translators, Multi-media Artists and Animators, Gaming Managers, and Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technicians also declined. Do any of these year-over-year changes surprise you?


Volume of Job Ads for the Best Projected Creative and Service Careers of 2011

Volume of Job Ads for top Creative and Service Careers of 2011Source: WANTED Analytics


According to our Hiring Scale™, Technical Writers are likely to be the most difficult of these jobs to fill. With only 5 potential candidates in the workforce for every advertised job opening, Recruiters will need to compete heavily to source for these positions. Locations where there small local talent pools, such as Washington, DC, are likely to see more difficult conditions. In the Washington area, there are just 3 potential candidates per opening. Other hard-to-fill jobs are likely to be Interpreters and Gaming Managers. However, this also means that it should be relatively easy to find a job in these careers, since the talent pool across the US remains small.

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