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Best of 2011: Healthcare Edition..

Wow, here are some continued staggering numbers out of the healthcare sector for today and beyond. Brought to you by Wanted Analytics: “Last week, we looked at the Business and Creative and Service categories on the list of the “Best Careers of 2011” (published by US News.) Today, we’ll continue with the Healthcare careers to see what hiring demand looked like in 2011.


Occupation Median Pay % Projected Growth (2008-18)
Athletic trainer $41,000 37
Dental hygienist $67,000 36
Lab technician $36,030 16
Massage therapist $35,230 19
Occupational therapist $69,630 26
Optometrist $96,140 24
Physician assistant $84,420 39
Physical therapist $74,480 30
Physical therapist assistant $48,290 33
Radiologic technologist $53,240 17
Registered nurse $63,750 22
School psychologist $66,040 11
Veterinarian $80,000 33


From January 2011 through November 2011, Recruiters placed more than 1.7 million job ads online for these 13 healthcare careers. This represents a 40% increase compared to 2010. In the past 90 days alone, there have been about 352,000 job ads. Despite a significant decline in hiring demand for November, these careers have still maintained a 27% growth versus the same 90-day period in 2010.


Volume of Job Ads for Projected Best Healthcare Careers of 2011

Hiring Demand for Top Healthcare Careers of 2011Source: WANTED Analytics


Of these 13 healthcare careers, 11 saw a year-over-year increase in hiring demand over the past 90 days. The most job ads were posted for Registered Nurses. In fact, Registered Nurses were one of the most demanded occupations in the US every month this year. However the highest growth was seen for Optometrists. Massage Therapists where the only occupation to decline, down 59%. The hiring demand for Veterinarians was the same during the past 90 days as it was in 2010.


Occupation Volume of Job Ads – Past 90 Days % Change vs. 2010
Registered Nurses 174,623 +19.0%
Physical Therapists 70,252 +42.7%
Occupational Therapists 63,029 +39.5%
Physical Therapist Assistants 20,505 +42.0%
Physician Assistants 10,269 +22.0%
Radiologic Technologists 6,437 +39.4%
Laboratory Technicians 4,595 +6.7%
Dental Hygienists 716 +13.5%
Massage Therapists 567 -59.7%
School Psychologists 475 +22.7%
Optometrists 470 +133.8%
Athletic Trainers 357 +13.7%
Veterinarians 236



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