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Mobile Marketing: Demand Increases..

From Wanted Analytics: “Last week, we reported that hiring demand for Marketing Managers has been declining. However, the volume of job ads for some specific skill sets – like mobile marketing – has actually increased. Over the past 90 days, employers and staffing firms placed more than 4,400 job ads for Marketers that included specifications in the job description for mobile marketing skill sets. This represents a 16% increase compared to the same 90-day time period in 2010 and 120% versus 2009.  In fact, mobile skills were included in 10% of all job ads for marketing professionals during the past 90 days.


Hiring Demand for Mobile Marketing Professionals – 4 Years

Hiring Demand for Mobile Marketing ProfessionalsSource: WANTED Analytics


Within the marketing field, mobile marketing skills are most commonly included in job ads for:


  • Product Managers
  • Business Development Managers and Directors
  • Category Managers
  • Strategic Consultants
  • Online Marketing Managers or Digital Marketing Managers
  • Event Field Managers


The top 5 metropolitan areas with the most job ads for Marketers with mobile experience in this 90-day period were New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Jose, all of which saw year-over-year gains in hiring demand. Although Recruiters in New York placed the most job ads, Los Angeles experienced the highest growth.

Location Volume of Online Job Ads % Change vs. 2010
New York, NY 736 +32.10%
Seattle, WA 404 +23.50%
San Francisco, CA 401 +20.10%
San Jose, CA 316 +9.70%
Los Angeles, CA 311 +58.70%


Our question to you: Good data-so what are you seeing out there in the mobile space? Seems like a ton of companies are trying to capture this skill set But how?

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