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Healthcare and Medical Careers in 2012: Still Going to be HOT!

Wanted Analytics provides us with the following data: “A recent article on Yahoo predicted that Medical and Health Services Managers will be a hot career in 2012. We decided to take a look at recent hiring demand and the talent supply to see what recruiting conditions look like now.

Over the past 90 days, more than 45,000 job ads were posted online for Medical and Health Services Managers – a 2% increase over the same 90-day period last year. We found more than 5,600 employers that are currently advertising Medical and Health Services Manager job openings. Many of these companies are advertising hundreds of unique job openings. For example, Med Travelers has the most job opportunities listed of any company in the United States with more than 990 ads online. Unitedhealth Group has the second highest volume of job ads with 970.


Companies Currently Advertising Job Openings for Medical and Health Services Managers


Companies currently hiring Medical and Health Services ManagersSource: WANTED Analytics


Medical and Health Services Managers are most demanded in New York, NY. In the New York metro area, there were more than 1,900 jobs advertised online in the past 90 days, representing a 5% year-over-year increase in demand. However, of the 5 locations with the highest demand (listed below) Chicago saw the greatest year-over-year increase of 17%. Dallas was the only location to see a decline in demand, down 5% from last year.


Location Number of Job Ads % Change (Year-over-Year)
New York, NY 1,976 +5.8%
Chicago, IL 1,504 +17.6%
Los Angeles, CA 1,476 +10.2%
Dallas, TX 1,188 -5.6%
Philadelphia, PA 1,153 +3.0%


The supply of candidates will vary in each location, based on local talent pools. When looking at Chicago, with the highest year-over-year growth, our Candidate Supply charts estimate that there are about 7,000 Medical and Health Services Managers currently in the local workforce. To put this in another perspective, this represents just 0.17% of the entire workforce in the Chicago metro area.


Candidate Supply of Medical and Health Services Managers in Chicago, IL

candidate supply of medical and health services managers in chicago 

Source: WANTED Analytics


Combining the increasing hiring demand and limited talent supply, our Hiring Scale shows that Medical and Health Services Managers are hard-to-fill jobs across the US. Despite seeing a significant year-over-year increase, Recruiters in Chicago are likely to experience recruiting conditions that are slightly better than average. In comparison, our Hiring Scale also shows us some of the easiest and hardest locations to recruit this talent. One of the locations with the most difficult conditions is currently Nashville, Tennessee, while Athens, Georgia is currently experiencing the easiest recruiting conditions for Medical and Health Services Managers.

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