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Marketing: Skill Sets and Sub-Sets in Demand

Wanted Analytics provides the following: Marketers were in high demand last year, and we often reported on where the most job ads were posted and the difficulty to recruit. In this post, we decided to revisit job ads for Marketers to point out a few trends that Recruiters (and hiring managers) may not know about.


Which Skill Sets are Increasing in Demand?


Yes, mobile and social media skills are commonly required in job ads for Marketers. We recently posted that SEO and cloud computing were also growing trends in Marketing job ads. Here, we look at 3 skill sets that have seen year-over-year increases in hiring demand. Do you include these in job ads for Marketers? Your competitors might.


  • Global Experience (up 46% in December 2011 vs. December 2010): As businesses grow and operate globally, Marketers are being required to manage projects and lead international teams. Here’s an example from one job ad that requires global experience:

“Equally important is someone with global experience as our business operates in multiple countries, in addition to the U.S. The successful candidate must have demonstrated reasonable success in leading an organization of similar scale.”


  • Strong Negotiation Skills (up 13% in December 2011 vs. December 2010): Marketers are more frequently being tasked with vendor management, resolving conflicts, and working across several departments which makes negotiation skills necessary. Here is an excerpt from an ad that requires negotiation skills:

“Excellent oral, written, presentation, team-work and negotiation skills in order to apply influence, diplomacy and collaboration through major business initiatives.”


  • Budget Management (up 5% in December 2011 vs. December 2010): Since budgets are projected to increase this year, employers need to make sure that  marketing spending is accounted for accurately. Marketers are more frequently required to have experience with reporting expenses, knowledge of PNL statements, and the ability collaborate with accounting departments to balance spend. Here is an example from one Marketing job ad that includes these skills:

“Manage day-to-day budget process, including development of monthly accrual/outlook reports, and ensuring payment of invoices, while adhering to established accounting guidelines.”


Average Time it takes to Fill a Job


The national average duration of an online job ad for a Marketing position is 42 days, or 6 weeks. Many locations see shorter – or longer – posting periods. Locations that are able to keep job ads online for shorter periods of time are likely to also see a lower cost-per-hire since they aren’t paying for as many days to post an ad. On the other hand, locations with a longer time-to-fill likely see higher cost-per-hire since paid job listing are online longer.


Lakeland, Florida is currently averaging one of the shortest posting periods – just 28 days, or about 4 weeks. That’s 2 full weeks shorter than the national average.


In comparison, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois is averaging one of the longest posting periods in the United States at 57 days, or 8.1 weeks. This is more than 2 weeks longer than the national average.


How long do you keep Marketing Manager job ads online?


Recruiting for Marketers has Become More Difficult in the past 6 Months


In June 2011, our Hiring Scale™ showed there were about 5 potential candidates in the workforce for every Marketer job opening. Now, our candidate supply data shows there are about 2.1 potential candidates for every job being advertised. Competition to attract candidates is getting more fierce every month. In June, there were 6,700 employers recruiting. Today, more than 8,000 employers currently have job ads online for Marketers – an increase of 19% in just 6 months.


Not only are more companies advertising Marketing job openings, but many are also recruiting for more open positions. All of the 10 employers with the most job ads posted online during December saw year-over-year increases in hiring demand. Combined, these 10 companies placed more than 1,200 job ads during December, representing a combine 135% year-over-year increase. That means that they will be competing heavily – against other companies and themselves – to fill all their job openings.

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