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Hiring in DC: Facts & Figures

Hiring in the DC metro area continues to increase. Our friends at Wanted Analytics bring us the following:



We’ve noticed lately that the Washington, DC metro area has been frequently appearing in our data with rapidly increasing hiring demand for a number of occupations – many of which are becoming harder to fill in this location. We decided to take a closer look at their talent marketplace and some of the hiring trends for this area. First of all, things are looking bright for the DC metro area. Hiring demand grew considerably in 2011, despite declines at the end of the year (likely a seasonal trend), and continued to skyrocket in January. During January, Recruiters at more than 8,500 companies placed a combined total of 54,600 jobs online. Approximately 84% of the job ads during January were posted by employers, whereas about 16% were advertised by staffing firms or third party recruiting agencies. This 24% year-over-year increase in hiring demand has contributed to one of the lowest unemployment rates the largest metro areas (according to reports by the BLS.)


Hiring Demand in Washington, DC – 4 Year Hiring Trend


Hiring Demand in Washington, DC


Some of the most commonly advertised occupations in January are in-line with demand seen nationwide – specifically technology jobs. All of the 5 most demanded fields in the DC metro area were IT jobs: Computer System Analysts, Web Developers, Network and Computer Systems Administrators, Computer Software Engineers (Applications), and Computer Systems Engineers or Architects. Other highly demanded jobs are in the healthcare, management, and retail sales fields. The most commonly advertised job titles in Washington DC are:


  1. Occupational Therapist
  2. Administrative Assistant
  3. Physical Therapist
  4. Project Manager
  5. Systems Engineer
  6. Software Engineer
  7. Java Developer
  8. Network Engineer
  9. Teller
  10. Accountant


Among occupations with the fewest online job ads were: Helpers – Brickmasons, Blockmasons, Stonemasons, and Tile and Marble Setters, Geographers, Procurement Clerks, Food Scientists and Technologists, Crane and Tower Operators, and Postsecondary Political Science Teachers. All of these occupations saw just 1 online ad during January and declined in demand from one year ago.


Recruiters in Washington, DC are likely to experience challenges in sourcing candidates since hiring demand has been high, especially when compared to national averages. For example, the Hiring Scale below for healthcare talent shows that employers and staffing professionals in the DC metro area are likely to experience more difficulties when sourcing candidates than many of the US counterparts. On average, job ads are posted online for about 7 week in the DC metro area – 1 full week longer than the national average. Tech jobs are also experiencing a longer time-to-fill with job ads staying online for 6.5 weeks (compared to the national average of 5 weeks.)

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