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Mechanical Engineering: Hiring Figures & Skills Needed

Manufacturing in America must be making somewhat of a comeback given the increasing demand for Mechanical Engineers and their updated skill sets.


Wanted Analytics brings us the details:


During February, more than 9,000 job ads were placed online for Mechanical Engineers. Despite slow job growth in manufacturing industries that typically utilize these power-producing machines, hiring for Engineers to design and build machines has grown quickly in the past years and is approaching pre-recession levels. The volume of job ads has increased 10% year-over-year growth from February 2011, 87% compared to 2010, and more than 65% versus 2009.


4-Year Hiring Trend of Online Job Ads for Mechanical Engineers


Hiring Demand for Mechanical Engineers 

Source: WANTED Analytics


So, what skills are being required in these jobs? Candidates are most often required to have knowledge and experience with the following tools and technologies:


  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Autodesk Auto CAD
  3. SolidWorks CAD
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint
  5. Microsoft Word
  6. MathWorks Matlab
  7. ANSYS
  8. Engineering drawings
  9. Stress analysis
  10. Data acquisition

In addition, the most commonly advertised certifications for Mechanical Engineers include:


  1. Structural Finite Element Analysis Engineer (FEA)
  2. Certified Association Executive (CAE)
  3. Engineer-in-Training
  4. American National Standards (ANSI)
  5. Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

We found it interesting that employers in Detroit posted the highest volume of job ads for Mechanical Engineers. Many of the job ads were seen in engineering services, motor vehicle manufacturing, and motor vehicles part manufacturing. Motor vehicles and part manufacturing experienced a 56% year-over-year growth in hiring demand, which is good news for Detroit. After reviewing these job ads, we noticed that many of the Mechanical Engineers are being hired to design and build electrical and hybrid components in vehicles. These electrical and hybrid components would also explain why many of the skills being demanded in Manufacturing Engineers are CAD related. Despite growth in this sector, overall demand for Mechanical Engineers in Detroit declined about 9% compared to February 2011.


Other cities with high demand were Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston metropolitan areas. Boston, like Detroit, saw the volume of job ads decrease about 22%. Employers in Houston increased their volume of job ads the most of these 5 cities, with 26% more ads than last year. Los Angeles and Chicago also saw growth in demand.


The talent pool of Mechanical Engineers remains limited and  hiring demand is out-pacing the supply of qualified candidates. Recruiters sourcing for these jobs are likely to find them difficult-to-fill, especially in high demand areas like Detroit.. Despite seeing a decline in hiring demand, the Hiring Scale™ shows that Recruiters in Detroit are currently experiencing some of the most challenging conditions when recruiting candidates with these skills. Employers in Detroit are likely to compete heavily to attract potential candidates and experience a longer time-to-fill than other areas across the United States. In fact, Recruiters in this location keep job ads online for an average of 6 weeks.


Hiring Scale for Mechanical Engineers in Detroit, MI (Hard-to-Fill Location)


Hiring Scale for Mechanical Engineers in Detroit 

Source: WANTED Analytics


In comparison, the Hiring Scale also shows that the best markets for recruiting these skills are Las Vegas (Nevada), Ogden (Utah), and Huntsville (Alabama). Lower hiring demand in these areas, coupled with larger talent supply, means that Recruiters are likely to fill job openings in as few as 4 weeks, about 2 weeks faster than the national average.

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