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Video Game Programmers: Hiring Levels & Demand Figures

It’s clear Video Game Programmers are in demand, but just how much.


Wanted Analytics provides the following data and observations:


2011 was a big year in the video gaming industry. Sales records were shattered and, not surprisingly, hiring demand for these specialized skills is increasing. There is a strong market for this talent, with more than 1,100 job ads were posted online for Video Game Programmers and Developers in the past 60 days. Overall, the volume of job ads over the past 60 days increased 40% compared to the same 60-day period in 2011, and approximately 65% versus 2010.


Hiring Demand for Video Game Developers – 4 Year Hiring Trend



Hiring Demand for Video Game Developers 

Source: WANTED Analytics


Some of the most commonly advertised job titles for game developers were:


  1. Video Gaming User Specialist
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Flash Developer
  4. Web Developer
  5. Video Game Tester
  6. Technical Support Broadband Gaming Program
  7. Game Designer (or Developer)
  8. Flash Developer
  9. QA Tester
  10. Video Game Metaverse

Although technology jobs most often require gaming knowledge, other fields that increasingly require experience in the video gaming industry include Marketing Managers, Merchandise Displayers, Market Research Analysts, Graphics Designers, and Retail Salespersons.


The metropolitan area with the highest volume of job listings for Video Game Developers during the past 60 days was Seattle (Washington).  More than 200 job ads for game developers were posted in this area, a 40% increase compared to the same 60-day period in 2011. Other cities with the highest hiring demand were Los Angeles (California), New York (New York), San Francisco (California), and San Jose (California). While employers in Seattle placed the highest number of job ads for this talent pool, the highest year-over-year growth was seen in New York at more than 400%. Los Angles, San Francisco, and San Jose all saw a decline in hiring demand compared to the same 60-day period in 2011.


Companies sourcing candidates with video game development experience are likely to find openings difficult-to-recruit. According to the Hiring Scale™, companies in San Francisco are currently experiencing more difficult conditions when recruiting candidates with this skill set. Despite seeing a decline in hiring demand, the local talent pool of qualified professionals is smaller than average. Employers in this area are likely to compete heavily to attract qualified talent and experience a longer time-to-fill than other areas across the United States.

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