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Health Care Hiring: A “Healthy” Pace

Hiring in the healthcare arena continues to grow at a very “healthy” pace. What are the skills HC employers are seeking most aggressively?


Wanted Analytics brings us the data:


Healthcare jobs have grown considerably over the past years. In February, employers posted more than 130,000 job ads for healthcare jobs, a 33% increase compared to February 2011. In addition to the volume of job ads increasing, the number of employers looking to hire healthcare workers grew in the past year. Over 15,100 employers advertised job openings for healthcare jobs in February, up from about 13,000 last year. The employer with the most job ads was the US Air Force, which placed more than 3,300 ads during February.


Hiring Demand for Healthcare Jobs – 4 Year Hiring Trend


Hiring Demand for Healthcare WorkersSource: WANTED Analytics


By far, Registered Nurses were the most advertised job with more than 56,000 unique job postings in this time period, accounting for about 41% of all healthcare hiring demand. Other in demand healthcare positions were Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Speech-Language Pathologists.


Across all healthcare jobs, the 15 tools and technologies most often required of potential candidates include:


  1. Electronic Medical Records
  2. Microsoft Office
  3. Personal protective equipment
  4. Orthotics
  5. Medical information
  6. Microsoft Word
  7. Word processing
  8. Microsoft PowerPoint
  9. Orthotic devices
  10. Catheters
  11. Calculators
  12. Pulleys
  13. Ambulances
  14. Personnel Management
  15. Telemetry Units

The most demanded certification listed in online job ads are:


  1. Certified Registered Nurse (RN, RNC)
  2. Basic Life Support (BLS)
  3. Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  4. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  5. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  6. Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  7. Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS)
  8. Long Term Care (LTC)
  9. American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)
  10. Pharmacy Technician
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