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Got Game? Recruiting Game Programmers: Skills & Locations

Does your company have game enough to find the right talent?


Wanted Analytics brings us the fact and figures when it comes to finding game programmers:


A recent article on CNN discussed why gaming is a hot field right now. We’ve been watching the hiring demand for video game developers and wanted to look more at the skills commonly required to work in this field.


Nationwide hiring demand has been fairly consistent so far in 2012, with about 3,500 job ads posted online in March 2012. This is a 12% increase in hiring demand compared to last March. With many of the jobs for tech talent, it’s not too surprising to see that these jobs were most frequently advertised on the West Coast, with Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles seeing the highest volume of video gaming jobs.


Hiring Demand for Gaming Talent – 4 Year Hiring Trend


Hiring Demand for Video Game Specialists 

Source: WANTED Analytics


The most commonly advertised job titles to require gaming experience are: Video Gaming User Specialist, Merchandising Specialist, Music Software Gaming Specialist, Video Game Sales Specialist, Software Engineer, Media Specialist, Video Game Demonstrator, and Game Advisor.


The skills that are most commonly included in job ads for video gamers include:


  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Structured query language (SQL)
  3. Oracle Java
  4. Adobe Photoshop
  5. Javascript
  6. Microsoft PowerPoint
  7. Android
  8. Linux
  9. HTML
  10. Python extensible programming language
  11. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  12. Hypertext Processor (PHP)
  13. MySQL
  14. UNIX
  15. Extensible markup language (XML)

With Seattle seeing the most hiring demand during March, our Hiring Scale shows that gaming-related jobs will be hard-to-fill here. Since the available talent supply has not grown at the same pace as hiring demand, it is likely that Recruiters will compete heavily and experience a longer time-to-fill than in most other US cities. In Seattle, job ads remain online for an average of 50 days – or about 7 weeks.


Hiring Scale for Video Gaming Professionals in Seattle, WA


Hiring Scale for Video Gaming Professionals in Seattle 

Source: WANTED Analytics


In comparison, the Hiring Scale also shows the best markets to advertise jobs for gaming talent. In these locations, Recruiters are likely to see shorter posting periods. For example, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, job ads for gamers stay online for just 22 days – less than half the duration of a job ad in Seattle.


Best Markets to Advertise Video Gaming Job Openings


best markets to recruit gaming talent
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