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Legal Hiring: Making a Comeback?

On the skids for a long time, it finally appears that there may be light at the end of the tunnel for legal hiring. Wanted Analytics brings us the analysis:


After hitting a 4-year low in the volume of job ads for legal workers in December 2011, hiring demand for legal occupations has increased each month. In April, more than 28,000 job ads were online for these jobs, up 10% from last year.


Hiring Demand for Legal Occupations – 4 Year Hiring Trend


Volume of Job Ads for Legal Workers 

Source: WANTED Analytics


Below are the 10 most commonly advertised job titles for legal occupations:


  1. Paralegal
  2. Attorney
  3. Legal Assistant
  4. Litigation Attorney
  5. Litigation Paralegal
  6. Counsel
  7. Corporate Attorney
  8. Patent Attorney
  9. Real Estate Attorney
  10. Tax Attorney

We also looked at the skills that are most commonly included in legal job ads:


  1. Legal research
  2. Westlaw
  3. Project management
  4. Litigation management
  5. Lexis Nexis
  6. Electronic discovery
  7. Contract management
  8. Estate planning
  9. WordPerfect
  10. Records management

Despite increasing hiring demand across the US, the  talent supply of potential candidates remains relatively high. This means that Recruiters are likely to find legal jobs moderately easy-to-fill. However, the degree of ease will vary by location, depending on how many employers are recruiting these skilled professionals and the local talent pool. The Hiring Scale™ shows that Los Angeles is currently experiencing some of the most difficulties in sourcing these professionals. In the LA metro area, the average posting duration of a legal job ad is 39 days – or about 5.5 weeks. In comparison, one of the easiest locations to source legal professionals is Corpus Christie, Texas. In Corpus Christie, the average posting period is just 24 days – or about 3.4 weeks. Recruiters in Los Angeles spend more than 1 week longer sourcing legal professionals than Recruiters in Corpus Christie, Texas.


Hiring Scale for Legal Professionals in Los Angeles, CA – Hard-to-Fill


Hiring Scale for Legal Professionals in Los Angeles, CA 

Source: WANTED Analytics


Hiring Scale for Legal Professionals in Corpus Christie, TX – Easy-to-Fill Location


Hiring Scale for Legal Professionals in Corpus Christie, TXSource: WANTED Analytics

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