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3 Factors in Web Developer Recruitment

The recruitment of Web Developers is compeitive. Here are 3 key factors to consider and make your recruitment a bit more effective.


Wanted Analytics brings us the analysis:


We’ve often shared with you that hiring demand for Web Developers is growing and Recruiters can probably attest to this. So it probably wouldn’t surprise you that the number of job ads for this occupation increased xx% in May. But, we wanted to take a deeper look at hiring for Web Developers and see if we could fine 3 things that might surprise you (and hiring managers) about demand for this tech talent.


1. The hardest place to recruit Web Developers is not in the Silicon Valley


Many people may assume that the Silicon Valley has the highest demand for tech talent and will find these openings harder to fill. However, the city with the most job ads for Web Developers is New York City. In fact, if you added the number of job ads for Web Developers in San Francisco and San Jose, it still wouldn’t equal the volume seen in New York City in May.


In addition, you may be surprised that several cities will find it harder to recruit Web Developers than in the Silicon Valley area. Although it may be difficult there, there are other cities currently experiencing more difficult conditions. For example, Washington, DC is currently experiencing one of the longest average posting periods in the US. In the DC metro area, job ads remain online for 44 days – more than 6 weeks. In comparison, job ads in San Francisco average 5.2 weeks and San Jose’s average is 5.5 weeks.


Hiring Scale for Web Developers in Washington, DC


Hiring Scale for Web Developers in Washington, DC 

Source: WANTED Analytics


2. Job titles you should add to your candidate searches


Web Developers go by many different names. Below are the 10 job titles most commonly used in online job ads. If you are only searching for “Web Developer” it’s likely that you are missing a lot of candidates, since it isn’t even the most commonly used title. By including these job titles when searching for resumes or on social media, you will uncover candidates that you may not have found otherwise.


  1. Java Developer
  2. Web Developer
  3. .NET Developer
  4. Sharepoint Developer
  5. Software Developer
  6. Web Designer
  7. Web Application Developer
  8. Coldfusion Developer
  9. User Interface Developer
  10. C# .NET Developer

3. Best cities to source Web Developers faster and easier


Just as our Hiring Scale can show us how difficult it is likely to be to source this talent in your city, it can also show the alternative locations where this job is likely to be the easiest to recruit. Currently, the 3 cities with the best conditions for sourcing Web Developers are:


  1. Hagerstown, Maryland
  2. Salem, Oregon
  3. Carson City, Nevada

In these areas, there are fewer employers hiring, meaning there is less competition in the local talent supply. Recruiters are likely to spend less time collecting applications and sourcing potential candidates. For example, a job ad for a Web Developer in Salem, Oregon stays online for just 22 days – or a little over 3 weeks. This is half the time spent in Washington, DC (6 weeks, as mentioned above.)  By targeting job ads to attract candidates in these cities, Recruiters may be able to fill jobs faster and easier if relocation is an option.

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