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Silicon Valley Hiring: Hot Spot & Job Titles in Demand

Silicon Valley seems to be the one major bright spot for significant hiring momentum.


Wanted Analytics brings us the data and analysis:


May marked a new high in the number of online job postings for openings located in the Silicon Valley. More than 159,000 jobs were advertised online last month, a 10% increase compared to May of 2011.  San Francisco accounted for the majority of the job ads (approximately 68% of listings) and Recruiters in San Jose represented the remaining 32% of ads. Both cities experienced increasing demand compared to the same time period last year. Among the employers with the most demand last month were Kaiser Permanente, Apple, VMWare, Deloitte, and


Hiring Demand in the Silicon ValleySource: WANTED Analytics


Being the Silicon Valley and a tech hub, you would expect to see IT and programming related jobs highly in-demand in this area. The occupational area with the most job ads posted online in May were Computer Software Engineers. With more than 13,000 available job ads, hiring for this field grew 14% year-over-year. Other highly demanded fields were marketing, web development, nursing and healthcare, retail, and administrative occupations. The most commonly advertised job titles in the Silicon Valley may surprise you. Of all the job titles being used in online job ads, Physical Therapist is most common.


  1. Physical Therapist
  2. Occupational Therapist
  3. Senior Software Engineer
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Java Developer
  6. Project Manager
  7. Administrative Assistant
  8. Teller
  9. Sales Representative
  10. Customer Service Representative

Since technology jobs are highly in demand, it’s not too surprising that most of the commonly required skills in job ads are tech related. However, other skills like project management, product development and management, and quality assurance are also commonly recruiting in potential candidates.


  1. Project management
  2. Product development/management
  3. Oracle Java
  4. Software development
  5. Microsoft Office
  6. Linux
  7. Quality assurance (QA)
  8. Microsoft PowerPoint
  9. Structured query language (SQL)
  10. UNIX

With increasing hiring demand, you probably aren’t surprised that jobs in this area are likely to be harder to fill than on average across the US. Our Hiring Scale™ shows that job ads in the Silicon Valley remain online for 40 days – or just less than 6 weeks. While Recruiters in the San Francisco and San Jose areas may be challenged when sourcing candidates for job openings, there are areas nearby that are experiencing better conditions. Below are close cities where Recruiters are likely to see a shorter time-to-fill. For example, in Visalia job ads stay online for 5 weeks – a full week shorter than in the Silicon Valley. By sourcing candidates from these areas and relocating them, you may be able to reduce the amount of time spent filling the job and reduce the expenses associated with the job listing.


Best markets for recruiting in the Silicon ValleySource: WANTED Analytics

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