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Job Titles Most Common to the “Cloud”

All the rage is about the “Cloud”. But very little discussion is about what jobs are actually available there.


Wanted Analytics brings us the definitive list:


Cloud computing jobs are highly in demand and continue to grow every month. We wanted to share an updated list of some of the jobs titles that most commonly include requirements for cloud computing skills in their job ads.


Here are the 15 most commonly advertised titles for cloud skills:


  1. Enterprise Sales Executive Network Hosting Sales
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Senior Software Engineer
  4. Java Developer
  5. Senior Account Executive
  6. Systems Engineer
  7. Senior Systems Engineer
  8. Network Engineer
  9. Account Executive
  10. Sales Manager CAP
  11. Systems Administrator
  12. Websphere Cloud Computing Engineer
  13. Senior Network Engineer
  14. Software Developer
  15. Project Manager
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