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Creative Job Titles = More Candidates?

Can creative, catchy or even quirky job titles drive more candidates to your company?


Wanted Analytics brings us some examples and data:


Unique job titles can help Recruiters attract and retain employees. ERE recently referred to the effectiveness of this strategy by using Apple retail stores as an example. Apple’s in-store technical support, “Genius Bar”, employs staff with the title of “Genius”. As a result of this appealing title, Apple is inundated with job applicants and “Genius” employees stay longer than other Apple retail employees. Best Buy also uses this technique by referring to their tech support employees as “Geeks” which the company has also incorporated into their branding.


Unique titles empower employees to feel confident and proud of their role, both individually and in social circles. By using different branded job titles, companies convey a creative, fun and innovative workplace that’s more appealing to potential job candidates. This strategy can also make employees and candidates feel like they are valuable to their company. Apple recently said, “Our employees are our most important asset and the ones who provide our world-class service our customers deserve.” Apple demonstrates this to their employees by providing them with a unique title that sets them apart from other companies in the field with similar roles, but boring titles.




We looked at ERE’s list of compelling titles and added some of our own to the mix. Here are interesting titles and how many job ads are posted online for them:


  1. Expert (22,987 job ads posted online)
    Our Hiring Scale™ indicates the Experts are moderately difficult to recruit for. The average advertised salary for an Expert is $48,000 – $59,000. Staples seems to have the most hiring demand for “Experts” including job titles such as Copy Print Center Expert and Easy Technology Expert.
  2. Master (11,998 job ads posted online)
    Masters are also slightly difficult to recruit sitting in the middle of our Hiring Scale. The average advertised salary is $46,000 – $57,000. Master Scheduler and Scrum Master are the most advertised “Master” positions.
  3. Geek (5,786 job ads posted online)
    As is expected, Best Buy has the biggest demand for Geek job titles, although there are 21 other companies also looking to fill positions with this word. Geeks are slightly easier to recruit compared to the other unique titles, with Riverside, CA presenting the best conditions for hiring a Geek. Average advertised salary is $34,000 – $41,800.
  4. Evangelist (468 job ads posted online)
    This term is often used for IT positions such as Developer Evangelist. Our Hiring Scale suggests that it is very difficult to hire an Evangelist. That could be why the average advertised salary for Evangelists are higher than other unique titles, averaging $70,000 – $85,000. The New York metro is likely to have the least difficulty hiring an Evangelist.
  5. Guru (454 job ads posted online)
    Recruiters will experience higher difficulty levels recruiting for Gurus. Sales Guru is the most advertised “Guru” profession. The average advertised salary is $44,100 – $53,900.
  6. Superstar (383 job ads posted online)
    It is moderately difficult to recruit for Superstars. Superstar Sales Representative is the most demanded Superstar title. This average advertised salary for this role is $43,000 – $52,000.
  7. Genius (306 job ads posted online)
    Not surprisingly, Apple has the most demand for Geniuses. Nationally, these are difficult to recruit, although Salt Lake City, UT has the least difficulty filling Genius positions. On average this position sees an advertised salary of $28,000 – $35,000.
  8. Warrior (296 job ads posted online)
    Sales Specialist Product Demonstrator Warrior is the most demanded title for Warriors. Of all titles listed, Warrior is the least difficult to recruit for with Dallas, TX having the best conditions. The average advertised salary for this title is $37,000 – $46,000.
  9. Rockstar (210 job ads posted online)
    Recruiters hiring for Rockstars will experience moderate difficulty. Most of the positions in this space are Rockstar Diesel Mechanics. On average, the advertised salary ranges from $31,000 to $38,000. Raleigh, NC currently has the best conditions for recruiting.
  10. Ninja (132 job ads posted online)
    Javascript Ninja is the most demanded type of Ninja, closely followed by Sales Ninja. Nationwide, Recruiters will find it very difficult to hire for this position, but they can look to Silicon Valley for the least difficult recruiting conditions. The average advertised salary is $48,000 – $59,000


Most of these unique titles are for positions that are difficult to recruit for – many are for technical jobs that are hard-to-fill regardless of job title. Many companies are probably employing this strategy to attract candidates for Sales and IT positions. One point employers and recruiters should consider if they use this tactic is to ensure that the job titles convey what the role involves so job candidates have a clear idea of what the position entails.

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