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E-Commerce Hiring: Ramping Upward..

Hiring for E-Commerce jobs and skill sets continues to be on the rise.


Wanted Analytics brings us the data:


Many companies are building out websites, offering online market places, and creating customized retail platforms accessible by computers, tablets, and mobile phones. This means one thing: e-commerce hiring. During July, more than 25,000 job ads were available that called for professionals with e-commerce skills and experience in the United States. This represents a 31% year-over-year compared to July of 2011 and more than 50% from 2 years ago.


Hiring Demand for E-Commerce Skills – 4 Year Hiring Trend


Hiring Demand for E-Commerce SkillsSource: WANTED Analytics


E-commerce skills are most commonly required in technical, marketing, and analyst occupations. This makes sense since IT professionals are needed to build and implement e-commerce platforms, marketers are responsible for directing web traffic, and analysts are often hired to help consult a company through the process. Some of the most commonly advertised job titles requiring an e-commerce background are:


  • Java Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • .NET Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Marketing Director

Below are the 10 most commonly required skills in e-commerce jobs. Considering that many of the e-commerce related jobs are technical in nature, it’s not surprising that many of the below skills are computer and programming related.


  1. Customer relationship management (CRM)
  2. System Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  3. Management consulting
  4. Application management
  5. Oracle E-Business Suite
  6. Project management
  7. Adobe LifeCycle ES
  8. Microsoft PowerPoint
  9. Oracle Java
  10. Business development

With increasing demand for these skills and a relatively limited supply of potential qualified candidates, our Hiring Scale™ confirms that Recruiters will find these jobs difficult to fill. Across the United States, Recruiters spend an average of 6 weeks advertising jobs and sourcing candidates for these positions. In comparison, Boulder, CO and Albany, NY are currently experiencing some of the most challenging overall recruiting conditions. Competition among employers to attract talent  has increased, yet the number of professionals entering the workforce with the desired skills hasn’t grown at the same rate. In Boulder and Albany, the average posting period is 8 weeks, meaning it is likely to take 2 weeks longer to fill e-commerce positions than the US average.


Heat Map of Hiring Scales for E-Commerce Skills


Heat map of Hiring Scales for E-Commerce SkillsSource: WANTED Analytics


The below heat map of Hiring Scales depicts the best and worst places to recruit this talent. Some of the best places to source this talent, shown in green above, are Charleston (WV), Scranton (PA), and De Moines (IA).

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