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What Programming Languages Are In Demand?

We all know engineering, specifically software engineering, is a high demand area. But what are the specific skills required in today’s marketplace?


Wanted Analytics brings us the data and a heat map of hiring demand:


Programming languages appear in multiple places in our list of most commonly advertised skills. Knowledge in several of languages is useful, although IT job candidates need to be savvy in the language(s) that each employer mostly requires. Below are the 10 programming languages that are most commonly required in online job ads.


  1. Structured Query Language (SQL)
  2. Oracle Java
  3. JavaScript (JS)
  4. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  5. Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  6. Microsoft Visual C# .NET
  7. Sun Microsystems Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
  8. C++
  9. Practical Extraction and Reporting Language (PERL)
  10. Python Extensible Programming Language

Two of these programming languages saw substantial growth in the past year. Python Extensible Programming Language saw the most growth in hiring demand increasing 852% in the past year. Oracle Java increased 619%

There were more than 360,000 job ads posted online and the most advertised job titles that require any of these programming languages are:


  1. Web Developers
  2. Computer Software Engineers, Applications
  3. Computer Systems Analysts
  4. Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  5. Computer Programmers
  6. Database Administrators
  7. Computer Support Specialists
  8. Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers
  9. Computer Systems Engineers/Architects
  10. Market Research Analysts

Below are the cities with the most hiring demand for job candidates with these programming language skills. This list includes the number of job ads posted online and year-over-year growth.



Cities with the Most Hiring Demand for Programming Language Skills


MSAs Programming LanguagesSOURCE: WANTED Analytics


Hiring conditions are mixed throughout the country. New York and Washington, DC have the most qualified candidates in the workforce, yet they also have the most demand from employers. Companies sourcing candidates in these locations are likely to find jobs hard-to-fill. Bristol, TN has the most favorable recruiting conditions due to fewer jobs currently being advertised in relation to the size of the candidate supply.


Hiring Scale Heat Map for Programming Language Skills


Hiring Scale Heat MapSOURCE: WANTED Analytics


If Recruiters are experiencing difficulty finding qualified candidates with specific language experience, it may be useful to ask the Hiring Manager which languages are really required, versus a “nice to have” skill. Different languages can be more suitable for different tasks. You may be able to source from a larger talent pool if Hiring Managers are flexible in which programming language they require.

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