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Software Hiring Tied to Manufacturing?

Is the hiring momentum in Manufacturing tied to the rise in Software Engineering hires? For many companies, the hiring trend is a key indicator of company and industry strength. For US based manufacturers, the data is clear. Great news for embedded programmers.


Wanted Analytics brings us the data:

We’ve been tracking manufacturing hiring trends and noticed that America is likely to surpass worldwide competition. Reuters recently claimed that, “the major reason why U.S. manufacturing is so well positioned for a renaissance is software that can bring the real and virtual worlds together in a way that erases all boundaries between the two.” Software connects every function enabling manufacturers to streamline the process and increase productivity. Since software can potentially be the key to America’s manufacturing resurgence, we investigated hiring demand for Software Developers in manufacturing.


In February, there were more than 8,500 job ads posted online for Software Developers in the manufacturing industry, representing 8% of all Software Developer demand. Despite declining 9% in the past year when comparing February 2013 to February 2012, hiring for Software Developers in manufacturing is 61% higher than demand seen at this time 4 years ago.


Most In-Demand Software Developer Job Titles


  1. Software Engineer
  2. Senior Software Engineer
  3. Systems Engineer
  4. Embedded Software Engineer
  5. Applications Engineer
  6. Associate Software Engineer
  7. Senior Software Engineer
  8. Principal Software Engineer
  9. Senior Embedded Software Engineer
  10. Software Development Engineer

On average, it is likely to be moderately difficult to recruit Software Developers in manufacturing, scoring a 59 (out of a possible 99, where 99 indicates hard-to-fill.) 5 metro areas score below 20 on our Hiring Scale.


Best Cities to Recruit Software Developers and Their Hiring Scale Scores


  1. Sioux Falls, SD – 5
  2. Santa Rosa, CA – 14
  3. Rochester, MN – 15
  4. Green Bay, WI – 16
  5. Allentown, PA – 18

Each of the cities listed above are currently experiencing low hiring demand. In locations with higher demand, such as San Jose (sc0re 65) and San Diego (score 63), recruiting conditions are likely to be more difficult. Below is the nationwide heat map of hiring difficulty. Green indicates metro areas with the most favorable recruiting conditions.


Hiring Scale Heat Map for Software Developers in Manufacturing


Hiring Scale for Software Developers in Manufacturing 


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