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Manufacturing in Red, White, and Blue.

The United States in recent years has been falling behind in the manufacturing sector. Companies have been sending their manufacturing and production to cheaper overseas factories. Lately though, the manufacturing sector in the United States has been making a bit of a comeback and is seemingly been growing ever so slightly. WANTED Analytics brings us this look into hiring demand in the manufacturing sector.



Hiring Demand in the Manufacturing Sector

Within the manufacturing sector, the 10 industries with the most job ads were:


  1. Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing
  2. Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing
  3. Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Manufacturing
  4. Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing
  5. Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing
  6. All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing
  7. Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing
  8. Electronic Computer Manufacturing
  9. Aircraft Manufacturing
  10. Soft Drink Manufacturing

Industrial Engineers are the most in-demand occupation in the manufacturing sector. In June, there were more than 19,000 jobs available for this position in the US. First-line Supervisors of Production Workers, Marketing Managers, Applications Software Developers, and Sales Representatives (Wholesale and Manufacturing) filled out the top 5 manufacturing occupations.


Occupations with Most Demand in the Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing Occupations with Most Demand

Source: WANTED Analytics


On average, jobs in the manufacturing sector remain online for 49 days – or about 7 weeks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that employers will fill jobs in 7 weeks, but that they will need to keep ads online for this period of time to collect applications and prepare for interviews. The actual time-to-fill is likely to take even longer. Since this is a long time to recruit potential candidates, we wanted to look at some of the places with shorter posting periods and score the lowest on our Hiring Scale to help Recruiters and Hiring Managers recruit faster.


One of the best places to source for talent in the US is the Brownsville metro area. This area scores a 24 on our Hiring Scale, significantly lower than the national average of 49. Brownsville is also experiencing the shortest average posting period at 31 days. This is about 2.5 weeks shorter than the national average. Recruiters that are able to source candidates from this region are likely to see less competition from other employers and have a larger pool of candidates to source from, which will all lead to filling jobs easier and faster.

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