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The Best Jobs of 2013

Is the salary good? Who is hiring? Who is most satisfied with their job? Is there a demand for the position? These are all factors that were taken into account when creating the Best Jobs of 2013 list from US News. Over halfway through 2013, WANTED Analytics brings us this update on the Best Jobs of 2013 from categories that include: business, healthcare, social service, technology, construction, and creative.


Hiring Demand for US News’ Best Jobs of 2013



Hiring Demand for US News Best Jobs of 2013




Business – Market Research Analyst


Over the past 30 days, there were about 36,200 job ads for Market Research Analysts, which is actually the same amount that was posted online during this 30-day period last year. Despite flat demand in comparison to last year, overall hiring for this occupation in 2013 is pacing ahead of last year by 16%. The New York (NY) metro area had the highest volume of job ads. Dallas and Houston (TX) experienced the largest growth.


Healthcare – Dentist


Demand for Dentists reached a 4-year high in May 2013 with about 7,200 job ads. This represents a 12% year-over-year increase. Job ad volume for this occupation was highest in New York (NY). The highest year-over-year increase occurred in Chicago (IL).


Social Service – School Psychologist


Hiring for School Psychologists is up 26% over the same 30-day period last year. May also marked a 4-year high for School Psychologists with about 2,000 job ads. Demand may continue climb higher as the May-June-July period tends to bring the highest demand annually. Chicago (IL) had the most job ads posted online, while Austin (TX) experienced the highest increase in demand.


Technology – Computer Systems Analyst


Of these occupations, Computer Systems Analyst had the most job ads, with over 95,000. Despite having the highest volume, demand for Computer Systems Analyst decreased 8% when comparing the past 30-day period to the same time frame last year. Demand was highest in New York (NY) and Chicago (IL). Of the top 10 locations with the most demand, each metro area experienced decreases over the past year, except for Houston (TX). Job volume in this area rose 7.6% over the last 30 days when compared to the same 30-day period in 2012.


Construction – Cost Estimator


After reaching a 4-year high in May, hiring demand over the last 30 days dipped slightly to 7,400 job ads for Cost Estimators. However, this still represents a 4% increase compared to the same time last year. Job volume may pick up again as demand is typically higher during the summer. New York (NY) and Houston (TX) had the highest demand, while Atlanta (GA) had the highest growth.


Creative – Public Relations Specialist


Demand for Public Relations Specialists also reached a 4-year high in May with over 39,000 job ads posted online. This is the second most in-demand occupation on the US News’ list. Over the last 30 days, demand dropped slightly to about 33,000 job ads, representing a 4% decrease. The most job ads appeared online in New York (NY) and Los Angeles (CA). Dallas experienced the largest increase, rising 33%.


Source: WANTED Analytics

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