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Hiring For Hackers?

In today’s complex technical world, the demand for the outlaw hacker continues to grow for legitimate means. Businesses and government agencies lead the way. Wanted Analytics brings us the details:


The systems of the US government, private, and public sectors are constantly at risk of getting breached. As this issue becomes more prominent, companies are increasingly focusing on protecting their data by hiring ethical hackers who can use the same knowledge and tools as an unethical hacker to defend their systems. As of September 2013, about 1500 job ads prefer candidates that have hacker-like skills, up 17% when compared to September 2012. Of these, about 560 of them required an Ethical Hacker Certification to verify that the candidate is an authorized hacker.


Hiring Demand for Hacker Skills – 4 Year Hiring Trends



Hiring Demand for HackersSOURCE: WANTED Analytics


Legitimate hackers are most commonly advertised for the following occupations:


  1. Information Security Analysts
  2. Software Developers, Applications
  3. Web Developers
  4. Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  5. Computer Systems Engineers/Architects
  6. Computer Systems Analysts
  7. Computer User Support Specialists
  8. Computer Programmers
  9. Software Developers, Systems Software
  10. Software Quality Assurance and Testers

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Boeing, and have the highest number of job openings for hacking skills. Among other things, these jobs require candidates to protect systems from outside attacks by spotting weaknesses and vulnerabilities and ensuring that they are remedied. Some of the essential tasks listed in job ads that advertised hacker skills include:


  • Protect against unauthorized access
  • Develop incident response plan
  • Analyze malicious code by conducting reverse engineering techniques and employing industry tools
  • Identify the methodology of hackers posing a threat
  • Manage the security of information system assets and the protection of systems from intentional or inadvertent access or destruction

Hacking abilities are most in-demand in Washington, DC, up 9% when compared to last September. San Francisco and New York also had greater needs for candidates capable of hacking. These skills are likely to be difficult-to-recruit, scoring an 82 on our Hiring Scale. Our Hiring Scale measures recruiting difficulty on a scale of 1 – 99, with 99 denoting hard-to-fill. Currently, Montgomery, AL presents the least difficult recruiting conditions, scoring a 33. However, the candidate pool in this area is still small. Another way to find sources of potential candidates is to look at historical hiring of employers who have hired for candidates with hacking skills in the past.

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