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Tech Jobs With Biggest Increases for 2014? Check It Here…

Tech continues to be the hottest sector of hiring as evidenced by salary increases across the board. Want to know what titles will see the largest increases? Wanted Analytics brings us the data:

Robert Half International recently released their 2014 Salary Guides. The findings were based on the insight of 1,000 Recruiters polled throughout the US. The guides project that starting salaries for professional occupations will increase 3.7% in 2014. Technology jobs are expected to see the highest gains of all the fields researched, increasing 5.6% next year. Since technology starting salaries are likely to experience the most growth, we reviewed average advertised pre-negotiated salaries for the tech jobs that are predicted to have the highest percentage increases. The advertised salaries represent the pre-negotiated value used to attract candidates. Keep in mind that the final pay agreed upon by the employee and employer may be a different number. We will take a look back in a year to see if employers increased their advertised salaries for these positions to reflect base salary growth.


Job Titles Average
Advertised Salary
Projected Base
Starting Salary Growth
1. Pre-Sales Engineer / Technical Engineer
2. Mobile Applications Developer
3. Software Developer
4. Software Engineer
5. Business Intelligence Analyst
6. Data Architect
7. Developer/Programmer Analyst
8. Wireless Network Engineer
9. Network Engineer
10. ERP Technical Developer
11. Network Architect
12. Information Systems Security Manager
$92,000 – $112,000
$85,000 – $104,000
$86,000 – $106,000
$93,000 – $114,000
$79,000 – $97,000
$105,000 – $129,000
$74,000 – $91,000
$76,000 – 93,000
$78,000 – $95,000
$90,000 – $109,000
$102,000 – $127,000
$94,000 – $ 114,000


Of the jobs listed above, Software Engineer has the highest demand. 2014 starting salaries are set to increase for this job at a higher rate than what was predicted for 2013. Currently, the national average advertised salary range for Software Engineers is $93,000 – $114,000. Robert Half predicts the 2014 salary range for this occupation to be $89,750 – $137,250. If you are filling this position you may want to stay in the range of your local competition.


When planning your hiring strategy, you should compare local demand and your position’s average advertised salary to see if you’re remaining competitive in your market. If you’re not within the same range, you can discuss new salary expectations with your Hiring Manager, explaining that you may need to increase your advertised salary to stand out among the competition and attract qualified talent.


The Technology 2014 Salary Guide says many tech firms are offering creative incentives and generous compensation packages, including fresh food, professional development, green responsibility, extended family leave, on-site health services, home cleaning, and travel opportunities. What creative perks do you leverage?

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